Waterpump Equipment

Water Pumps

These water pumps must be used in clean water. 

The strainer on the 3" water pump has hols of approximately 10mm - this is to ensure that solids do not enter the pump and damage the water pump blades.

Available in 3", 6" (Trailer-Mounted) & 6" (Double Axle)
Trash Pumps
The trash pumps can be used to pump trash.
As opposed to the water pump - the blades of this pump are able to handle solids.
The strainer on the 3" trash pump is approximately 20mm. 
Available in 3",4", & 4" (Diesel)
Submersible Pump

Mainly used to pump out swimming pools and clean water that does not have any solids.

It is important to note that the pump does not have a self-cut-out switch, so it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the pump does not run dry.

Available in 2" (Electric)
Diaphragm Pump
Used for: Removing clean water or water that contains a large amount of debris and suspended solids.
The usual application of this pump includes: 
Dewatering of trenches, sewers, pipelines, septic tanks, holding tanks, farm ponds, fields and excavations where a large amount of solids may be present in the water.
Available in 2" (Pneumatic)
Sludge Pumps
Used for:
Available in 3"
Vibrating/ Contractors Pumps
This pump is used with a drive unit.
It is used in trenches where there is dirty water.
The pump strainer will keep the rocks and solids out - which will prevent damaging the pump.
Inside the housing unit there is a spiral rod - this turns the pump. Please do not bend or kink the housing as it will damage the spiral rod.