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Miscellaneous Equipment

Dumpy Level
Industrial Fans
Dumpy Level

Dumpy Level

Used when wanting to create level surfaces to start building on.

Usually sent out with the Dumpy Level:
- The Dumpy Level, in its box
- Staff
- Tripod.

Industrial Fan

Mainly used to circulate air in an industrial area. It can also be used to remove smoke or emissions from a workspace.
Space Heaters
Pallet Jack

Space Heater

The main use for a space heater is to heat up a room. The space heaters can heat up an area to ensure that it doesn't go down to temperatures where paint won't set or working conditions are too cold.

Pallet Jack

Mainly used to lift and move heavy equipment.

It is usually used with pallet boards for easy lifting and transporting of materials or equipment.


Mainly used to move and carry heavy accessories. The trolley is a lot smaller than the pallet jack, however, is made of metal so is sturdy and can carry a heavy load.
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