Concrete Equipment

Mixers (250Lt/175Lt)
Available in petrol & diesel
Mainly used to mix smaller batches of concrete on construction sites.
PWhen using this piece of equipment please note that:
  • It only mixes a wet mix of 350 to 400 liters.
  • It is difficult to move around.
Batch Mixers
Mainly used to mix concrete.
These are reversable drum non-tilting mixers.
On the 400R the maximum output is 9.6 cubic meters per hour.
On the 500R the maximum output is 12 cubic meters per hour.
Dumper - 4-Wheel Drive (Dry)
Mainly used for the transportation of materials from different locations on site.
The large bucket allows for the moving of a large amount of materials, making this job run a lot more effectively.
Concrete Bucket - Banana (1,000Lt)
Used for:
Electric High Frequency Poker
Available in 48MM
Mainly used in areas where you have electricity.
This is a lot lighter than mechanical pokers making it a lot easier to maneuver, because there is no flexible shaft that can break.
Poker Needles
Available in 39mm, 48mm & 65mm
39mm poker needle is used for columns or small beams
48mm poker needle is used for small to medium sized floor areas
65mm poker needle is used for large areas with ticker concrete in order to remove air bubbles.
Please be extra careful when using this piece of equipment because the flexible shaft that is inside the tude is delicate and can break if twisted or bent too sharply.
Drive Units
Available in Petrol & Diesel
Mainly used to drive submersible pumps as well as vibrating pokers.
Power Floats
With Blades
Mainly used to float a new thrown concrete floor which will create a smooth and level surface.
When using this piece of equipment please note that:
  • They cannot be used when concrete is too dry - you will not achieve your desired outcome and it will wear out the blades faster than usual.
Concrete Saws
Blade diameters - 350mm & 600mm
Also available in Diesel
Mainly used to cut concrete floors or asphalt roads.
When using this piece of equipment please note that:
  • Their cutting depth is approximately 150mm when using a standard size blade - at roughly 50mm per cut.
  • Water needs to be used in order to prolong the life of the blades.
  • Whhen using this equipment, the speed needs to be controlled
Kwik Cuts
Blade diameter 350mm
Mainly used for cutting of all concrete, stone, brick, steel, and asphalt.
This is a very effective and efficient hand held cutter.
Masonary Saw
Is available in both petrol and electric.
Mainly used to cut all masonry and tiles.
This piece of equipment uses a 350mm diamond cutting blade
Available in 10m and 13m
Mainly used for the transportation of materials (sand, bricks, wet concrete) to higher levels on a building site.
Please note when using this equipment that:
  • They cannot operate at an angle of more than 30 degrees.
Please note that conveyors are hired out for a minimum of 2 days
Brick Buster
Mainly used to break or cut bricks to the size needed for your project, allowing the bricks to perfectly fit in the spaces you need them to go.
Concrete Scarifier
Mainly used for roughening up a concrete surface in order for new screed to be laid on top of an old one. It is also used to prepare a large area for tiling.
Please note that when using this piece of equipment that:
  • The machine is very heavy
  • The machine needs to move constantly in order to avoid digging holes.
Diamond Grinder
Mainly used to smooth rough concrete surfaces.
When using this piece of equipment please note that:
  • It cannot stay in one position for any amount of time as the diamond blade will eat deep grooves into the floor.
  • Water should be used with the diamond blade in order to avoid unnecessary wear on the blade.
Nail/Hilti Gun
Mainly used for the fastening of nearly everything.
This method of fastening allows for prompt fastening, making it a convenient tool.
Fastening can be made directly through the object being fastened without the need of drilling holes, aligning, and bolting materials together.