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Gardening Equipment

Chain Saws
Bush Cutters
Chain Saw - Website Edit.png

Chain Saws

Mainly used to cut wet living wood.

The chainsaw is cordless allowing for easy manoeuvring.

Please note that Chainsaws are extremely dangerous so when using please only cut below waist height in order to ensure that you have control.
Available in Petrol
Bush Cutter

Bush Cutter

Mainly used for the trimming of long grass, bush or lawn. They are also suitable for cutting and clearing heavy bush and shrubs.

Note that harnesses are always supplied with the unit in order to suspend the machine allowing for better control as well as making it easier to operate.
Earth Augers
Earth Auger

Earth Auger

 (100mm - 200mm Augers)
Designed to be operated by two people. 

Mainly used for drilling of holes in the soil

Usually supplied with a variety of drill sizes - 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, & 300mm.

Please note that is unit will not operate in stony or rocky ground
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