Drilling/Fastening Equipment

Diamond Core Drill
Can be used for both wet and dry application to make precisely measured holes.
These drills use a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit attachment.
Dry-Core Drilling Machine
Mainly used to make holes through a surface where water cannot be used.
Applications may include drilling through a wall into an office or house.
Hammer Drill
Mainly used when occasionally drilling holes into concrete, masonry or stone.
Also used to drill holes into concrete floors in order to pin wall framing.
Available in 20mm (SDS Plus) & 40mm (SDS Max)
Impact Drill
Mainly used for light masonry drilling
  • This drill is not advised to be used for heavy duty drilling.
  • This drill is suitable for:
    • Steel material drilling
    • Dry core drilling into brick work.
TIP: The right application for a drill is when least amount of pressure is used on the given material.
Available in 13mm & 16mm
Magnetic Base Drill
Mainly used to cut metal.

Composed of 4 components:
1. A magnetic base
2. A drill stand
3. A motor
4. An arbor or chuck
Nail/Hilti Gun
Mainly used for the fastening of nearly everything.
This method of fastening allows for prompt fastening, making it a convenient tool.
Fastening can be made directly through the object being fastened without the need of drilling holes, aligning, and bolting materials together.