Site & Earthmoving

Tipper Trucks
Also known as Dump Trucks
Used for: Transporting aggregate, soil, crushed brick and other bulk materials to and from construction sites.
Available in 10, 12 & 18 Cubes


Front end loader - website.png
Front-End Loader
Used to: Move or load heavy materials - such as rocks, soil, demolition debris etc. - into/onto another machinery (such as a tipper truck).
This piece of machinery comes with a huge bucket to ensure that you get your tasks done in a timely manner!
Equipment used with Excavators:
- Pecker for Excavator
- Pecker for Excavator 20 Ton
- Cutter attachment
Used to: Excavate or move large objects
- Digging mainly of holes & trenches.
- Construction work
- Demolition
- General grading
Available in 20 Tons & 30 Tons
Equipment used with Bobcat:
- Pecker for Skidsteer/Bobcat
Used to: move materials, by pushing it or carrying it in the bucket, from different locations as well as loading materials onto trucks.
They are a lot smaller than other equipment, that is used for moving materials, making its maneuverability a convenient factor. 
4x4 TLB's/ Backhoe Loaders
Hire All has one of the largest fleet of TLB's in South Africa
Equipment used with TLB:
- Pecker for TLB
- Forklift attachment.
Used for: construction, small demolitions, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavation, light transportation of building materials, paving roads, landscaping, breaking asphalt.
Mainly used in the maintenance as well as construction of dirt & gravel roads.
When used for the construction of paved roads - graders are used to prepare the base course in order to make a flat surface where the road surface will be placed on.
140 H Available
Diesel Carts
Used for portable delivery as well as storage of diesel on site. The diesel carts allow access to diesel on site, making it a convenient and economical piece of equipment because there is no need to constantly go to the petrol station to fill up equipment or Jerry Cans.
1 000Lt & 1 000Lt (Double Axle) Available
They are mainly used for portable water delivery, road construction & irrigation, as well as Dust Control.
Our water trucks allow the transportation of a large volume of water making it convenient for your big project.
14 000Lt Available
Water Carts
Mainly used for the portable delivery as well as storage of water. 
Water carts can be used control dust on site, for wetting and cleaning purposes, or even providing employees with drinking water.
1 000Lt & 1 000Lt (Double Axle) Available
Mechanical Brooms
Mainly used to clean and remove a large amount of debris.
They are often used on:
- Construction sites
- Along highways or roads