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Junior Hire Controller

Job Requirements:

  • Assisting the Senior Hire Controller with their daily tasks on running the branch.

  • Serving customers and ensuring that they are hiring the best and correct equipment for their project.

  • Completing administration work for the branch - therefore tidiness and completeness of documentation is important.

Application Requirements:

  • School leaver with a minimum of a Matric.

  • Must have a university entrance.

  • A minimum of 6 months working experience preferably in hardware or in a building-related industry with internal sales experience.

  • Having some technical understanding of the equipment that we hire out will be advantageous.

  • Must have good computer skills.

We are looking to hire go-getters and over-achievers. We want to hire someone who is willing to make a positive impact and contribution to the company. We have a solid support structure to assist you in succeeding!

Should you show potential there is an opportunity to grow within the organization.

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