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Credit Manager

Hire All is currently looking for an experienced Credit Manager to join their team.


Key Qualities & Skills

  • Reliability

  • Integrity – to thinking to the next level (see/realize/consider the bigger picture and relevant impact on the matter on hand, irrespective the nature)

  • Punctuality:

    • Put in the extra effort – going the extra mile

    • Ability to adhere to/meet deadlines, enforce deadlines set

    • Time management ability

  • Discipline (Self)

    • Should be able to work independently without constant supervision

    • Should be able to show initiative to simplify and enhance processes and table such ideas to their manager.

  • Accuracy

    • Check and double check reports/info

    • Problem solver/identifier

    • BE able to see the bigger picture to raise suspicions when required

  • Excel skills

    • Should be on an intermediate level or at least progressed beginner showing the ability to grasp, understand and grow/ “excel”

    • Write macros

    • Analise and extract info, compile reports etc with as little as possible effort and time usage.

    • Have a constant desire to want to make things faster, lean more and add value using Excel

  • Investigative nature

    • Not accept the first answer given

    • Ask in-depth questions

    • Anticipate answers and already have more questions prepared but not raise all at once depending on scenario (asking a question to which the answer is already known, but testing the individual)

    • Info that might trigger caution / duplicate info, repeated users, anything that might seem to the effect that our system is either being misled by staff or a customer to bypass “verifications”

    • An enquiring mind demanding of themselves and others



  • Managing, Controlling & Enforcing

    • Manage tasks and staff involved

    • Manage Branch Managers pertaining to related branch matters being overseen

    • Enforce discipline pertaining to relevant aspects of the department being responsible for

    • COD exposures

    • 1 Pager process from start to finish

    • Policies and procedures – writing, evaluating and improving

    • Daily banking process

    • Admin processes

    • Data quality – New and existing/updating accounts

    • Processing of debtor’s payments / refunds, understand how the process functions, all aspects pertaining to it

  • Ensure the refund policy/processes are correct to ensure correct submission to next level

  • Credit bureaus

    • Processing of reports,

    • Reading thereof

    • Apply risk management with each matter, whether investigating possible risk or new applicant.

  • Legal Notices

    • Issuing of and processing listings thereafter thus understanding the work/requirements before any such steps can be taken.

  • Debt collectors

    • Identify and compile accounts to be handed over to debt collectors

    • Monitoring thereof and comms

  • Periods & Charging

  • Off hires

    • Monitoring of the report and inspecting

  • Invoicing

    • Monitoring of the report and inspecting

​Desired Work Experience:

  • At least 5 years as a credit manager

Desired Qualification Level:

  • A minimum of a Matric with university entrance.

  • A degree or diploma in commerce will be advantageous.

Please note should you not hear from us within 10 working days, please consider your application unsuccessful.

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