Our terms and conditions are as per HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd agreement with the following highlights:


1. “Hirer” means a person, firm, or corporation hiring from the owner and any officer, employee or agent of the hirer, who signs this, or any other document, for and on behalf of the hirer, is taken by the owner as having full authority of the hirer to do so.

2. “Owner” means HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd.

3. “Plant” is any and all equipment, as described in the hire document

Our terms and conditions are as per HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd agreement with the following highlights:

1. The security of Plant on site is The Hirer’s responsibility, and therefore adequate arrangements regarding insurance, must be in place to ensure that the Plant is covered in the event of damage or loss.

2. The minimum hire for the Plant is 3 days.

3. Unless otherwise stated, the weekly and monthly rate is for 9.5 hour days, 7 days per week.

4. Hours are charged according to HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd’s timesheet and the onus is on the Hirer’s site foreman/agent to verify AND sign off the hours. Should the timesheet NOT be signed off daily, HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd will NOT be accountable for incorrect charges.

5. Over-time/additional hours worked, over and above, are chargeable on a pro-rata basis.

6. Breakdowns must be immediately reported and a reference number supplied to HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd. the machine will then off-hired until the breakdown is finalised.

7. Idle time, including standing time for tagging or any other site requirements, is charged at full rate.

8. Inclement weather will be charged at 50% of the rate.

9. If only an operator is required on site, namely for induction or other assessments, a 33% of the rate will be levied.

10. Rates, quoted above, are per machine, inclusive of an operator rate.

11. Accommodation, transport and any other ancillary charges, e.g., induction, medical, exit medical etc., including renewals, are for Hirer’s account. The induction period of the Operators, wages and equipment will be for the Hirer’s account.

12. The estimated period of the hire must be provided, prior to commencement of hire.

13. Our rates exclude fuel, accommodation and VAT.

14. A full tank of diesel is supplied and the plant is to be returned in the same state. Any additional diesel will be charged at the current rate that HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd invoices on date of return.

15. The Hirer is responsible to supervise and instruct the operator supplied by HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the manner in which the operation is carried out complies with all safety and environmental regulations and will not cause damage to man or machine.

16. (a) To indemnify and hold the owner harmless against all claims, action, suits, demands, costs, expenses, including legal costs and expenses, in any way arising out of the use of the plant by the hirer during the period of the hire, whether caused by negligence of the Hirer, his employees or agents or by negligence of any other persons whatsoever arising out of the condition of the plant or the use to which it is put.

(b) To indemnify the owner against any union action, claim or suits or demands and shall have no claim whatsoever against the owner resulting from such union actions claims, suits and demands or any interference or protests that affect the Plant or property on which the Plant may, from time to time, be situated.

(c) To indemnify the owner against any consequential damage or claim howsoever arising as a result of hiring the Plant.

17. Excessive wear and tear of the undercarriage and shell will be for the hirer’s account.

18. Any reinforcing rod/steel or other dangerous/sharp objects that could cause damage to tyres/conveyor belts/machines must be removed by the Hirer. The Hirer shall be responsible for any damages caused and all costs related shall be for the Hirer’s account.

19. Any abnormal usage of tyres and punctures due to working/site conditions will be for hirers account.

20. Rates include standard service and maintenance associated with fair wear and tear. Any damage due to site conditions, operator damage, etc. will be for Hirer’s account and will not constitute downtime.

21. Any extras for standard mine compliance required will be for the Hirer’s account

22. Any additional fittings, required to operate plant, must be done by the Hirer and will be for Hirer’s account.

23. A 24-hour notice period is required to off-hire equipment and an off-hire number must be supplied to HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd.

24. The Owner has the right to terminate the hire and recover the plant, in the event that the plant has been misused or used in an unsuitable application.

25. For Breakdowns, contact our help desk on 0860 100 968 or your nearest branch.

26. Any queries regarding the account, contact our accounts department on (011) 472-3921 or

(011) 472-4173.

27. Credit terms are subject to approval of our credit department on evaluation of signed Credit Application form.

28. The rates quoted, and upon receipt of an official order, are subject to availability and valid for one month from the date hereon.

29. Rates are reviewed every 6 months and may change according to prevailing economic factors at that time.

30. Payments of Invoices are 30 days net from date of invoices for account customers.

31. Non-account customers are to remain in credit at all times, otherwise the equipment will be removed from site without prior notice.

32. A 48 hour notice period is required, prior to delivery of an official order, in order to ready the equipment and the operator for the project.

We will endeavour to provide a professional standard of service at all times and to maintain a mutually beneficial working relationship for all parties.

I, the Hirer, acknowledge that I have read, and understood, the terms and conditions contained within the HIRE ALL (Pty) Ltd agreement and that I, the Hirer, have the authority to accept these terms and conditions on the Hirer’s behalf.

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